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Incognito, I understand the urge not to vote, but if you don't participate then it doesn't help your situation. I almost didn't vote. Ended up voting 3rd party though. But it made no difference because of the electoral college. So long as people think their votes won't count, they don't vote. And as long as people don't vote for third party because they think they will never win, then the 3rd party people never will win. But if enough people decide to take a chance and vote for a 3rd party, it could happen. Just not very likely though.

Highup, from what I understand of the situation, they think that Trump's people (and possibly Trump himself) made agreements with Russia and encouraged the hacking/poll tampering. There is some suggestion that they not only knew about it, but that they condoned it. One of the Republicans (can't remember which one) commented that he believed Trump was actually on Putin's payroll. If any members of Trump's party had knowledge of poll altering hacking or worse, actually condoned/requested it-- perhaps by making agreements to cut sanctions or make other deals-- then it is a crime.
Right now what Trump is being investigated for is obstruction of justice. The suggestion is that he knew that the polls were hacked and that members of his staff colluded with the Russians and that he realized if it came out that there could be serious repercussions-- such as requiring another election if they can prove that votes were altered by the hackers. Trump firing the person handling the investigation in an attempt to stop the investigation didn't pass the smell test. It looks suspicious.

If the president of the united states is in cahoots with a hostile country and is willing to sacrifice US interests and Democracy to appease or work with Putin, then we have a serious problem.

Although, I'm more concerned about Trump reneging on a bunch of the things he said he would do (or not do). Allowing the banks to run amok is just bad for the economy. Cutting funding to essential programs-- Medicare, Social Security, etc will be devastating. He's making bad decisions. That doesn't make him a criminal though.

I think Hillary is extremely corrupt. Bill made deals with China that should not have been made- but to my knowledge he never gave military secrets to non-allied governments. And Trump reportedly blabbed military secrets directly to Putin and it even fouled an operation bc Putin turned around and warned Syria.

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