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  1. Nick
    Nick highup
    Got a e mail from Darol today .. He's doing fine ..
  2. Nick
  3. highup
    highup Floorist
    Damn, your profile photo looks too much like me.............. :eek:
    Do you have a brother Darol and another brother Darol? :D
  4. jonnyjuggler
    jonnyjuggler Admin
    After doing the 1 year sponsor donation I thought after reading the information angie sent that it was ok to post a new tool that I developed and am currently selling on the site?? Guess not as it has been removed. I have been a member since 2011 and have had a tool review here several years ago. What did I do wrong? If I can't post information about the new vinyl cutter please refund my 19.00. Thanks Greg
  5. Floorist
    Floorist lenperkins
    Is it true that that members of another forum are the only ones that can get a free upgrade of their Kool Glide?
  6. Nick
    Nick Jaz
    Welcome to the site Jaz . I see you over on the DIY site . I'm under Floor Doc. You'll like it here .
  7. Polestretch
    That's a good 45 minutes from me. It is Bucks county, but I'm up near lehigh county right off the turnpike.
  8. Nick
    Nick Polestretch
    Be up your way on the 26th for a Golf Tourny , at the Bucks Club in Jamison.
  9. Twomly
    I know Nick at the moment its all calm and died out, didn't affect us as we are in Surrey a posher part of London with law abiding citizens. But I feel ashamed to be British at the moment. So far 1200 arrested and the courts are open 24 hours to deal with these yobs, dawn raids by the police this morning going door to door sweeping through known offenders and trouble makers houses and taking them in. Sadly though I feel the sentencing of these youths is going to be light rather than harsh as it should be. I did like the footage of the mother dragging her 11 year old son into the police station kicking and screaming like a baby he was, her words I'm not havin it I saw him on the tv so I dragged him down here along with what he looted good for her I say.
  10. Nick
    Nick Twomly
    You locked and loaded over there Twomly ?
    What the heck is going on over their ?
    Hope you guys are safe .
  11. Nick
    Nick Hooky
    Welcome to the board Hook .
  12. Nick
    Nick jonnyjuggler
    Welcome to the site JJ .
  13. Nick
    Nick carlwhites
    Welcome aboard Carl . Good to have a member in your trade here .
  14. Nick
    Nick Polestretch
    How you been Pole ?
  15. Jon
    Jon VillageCarpet
    You my old friend Mike?
  16. Floorist
    Floorist Admin
    All the new members in the last few days are installer friends of mine. Now I have to keep them coming.
  17. mikelue
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  18. greenstep
  19. Don Monfils
    Don Monfils TxBuilder
    You have 112 post by this Menensunk person which are all bull sh**.
    Get him out of here.
  20. Don Monfils
    Don Monfils TxBuilder
    Hello, I was also wondering about all the post by this member.
    I was looking foreword to another board to learn from and contribute to.
    This guy must have too much time on his hands.

    Thanks Don Monfils