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    LVP but undulating floor

    Great, thanks. I am now noticing that at one end of the floor (near the fireplace) the peak is near 1"(!) - still OK to sand? Or should I remove the top sheet of chip board (all of them across the peak), sand the plywood beneath as much as possible, and then replace the top sheets with a lesser...
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    LVP but undulating floor

    Thank you. Unflat - a big level centered on the peak will teeter totter. Other areas have lesser differences going the other way. Bought this 1974 house 6 months ago. There is a crawlspace, then the 2 layers of wood sub-floor (top layer is mostly crap glue/particle board(?) - awful - especially...
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    LVP but undulating floor

    1974 undulating sub-floor. Want to install LVP but (a) there is a peak in the floor at 1/4" height; and (b) I noticed that some LVP is very rigid while others are quite flexible (cork backing). Making structural changes would be major and undesirable. Is 1/4" manageable? Especially with the more...
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    not slippery for pets

    The last time I bought a vinyl plank floor, I had to cover it with rugs due to its super slipperiness. Now I'm doing a much larger room in the new house and want to avoid this mistake. Do you know of a brand that specifically makes a grippy super textured LVP? Or should I switch to a different...
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    undulating floor question

    Hello, I'm trying to determine if I need to specifically avoid flexible or rigid LVP for my large undulating floor. I plan on laying it in this one giant great room with kitchen and dining area. I've done about as much leveling as I can (Johnson rubber wedges in between the 2 sub-floors) and...