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    Ditra Real World Results

    A couple questions about Ditra uncoupling membrane. First, for you guys with real world experience with this, does Ditra really noticeably work in preventing cracked tiles and grout lines? I know every situation is different, but on the whole, does it work as promoted? And second, they...
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    Tile Plank Planning

    Hi, I have set square ceramic floor and shower tiles a few times but have never set large or rectangular tiles. I am thinking of doing about 800 square feet on my concrete slab in the porcelain wood-look planks. I have concerns about getting the floor even without excessive lippage. So here...
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    Expansion Gap Question

    Hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, and vinyl plank all require an expansion gap around the perimeter. I can understand this on a floating floor, but they require it even with nail down, or glue down. What I don't get is this: if the board is glued down, then to expand at the end of a...