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  1. J

    Daris did you ever get our pretty money?

    Daris I am wondering if you ever got our pretty money or is the postage really that slow ?:)
  2. J

    The hassles I am having

    I do understand why banks, doctors have things in place to prevent people who are not able to rip others off etc No problem for me BUT there must be others who are worse off than me having to sort out their details What do you think of my banks reply to my questions? PC gone to far Re: General...
  3. J

    Made me have happy tears

    Talking to Daris he asked me if I could do this? . I've always looked to you as a good friend since we met in Vegas and the teasing back and forth on the other board about your pretty money. Would it be bogue of me to ask you to send me a bill of your money with your signature on it? That...
  4. J

    What do you think of AIRNZ Safety video?

    Worth watching the video
  5. J

    Happy Birthday Daris

    If my maths are correct it should be 7th Feb in the morning over there and Daris should be one day older :) Bit hard to work out as its the 7th Feb 6.30pm here Happy Birthday Daris Hope you have a good one :)
  6. J

    Z Cat Happy

    Z got some firewood today to keep cat happy :) US$970 of which US$123 was half a dozen guys unloaded and stack the two trucks. one bigger than the other about US$100 a metre
  7. J

    Got a ride for you guys

    Anybody want to try this swing? See what us Kiwis do for fun :) The Nevis Swing | The Most Famous Swing in the World
  8. J

    You think your job is tough

    I dont know if you have seen this program Aussie Outback truckers? I would hate to do what they have to do to make a dollar
  9. J


    I hope you all have good health along with a prosperous 2022 It has just clicked over here in New Zealand Best wishes to everyone
  10. J

    Merry Xmas

    Its xmas eve here and I would like to wish you all a merry xmas
  11. J

    Daris you could have hitched a ride

    We have a visitor
  12. J

    I like this ad we get here

    Just about brings a tear to the eyes
  13. J

    Saw this in the NZ Consumer magazine

    By Rebecca Styles Investigative writer Carpet manufacturer Bremworth’s latest advertising campaign claims: “The average Kiwi home with synthetic carpet is similar to having 22,000 plastic bags on the floor by weight.” Rival manufacturer – of both wool and synthetic carpets – Godfrey...
  14. J

    Clever sign writing on the back of a van

    Wife saw this on Facebook which is pretty clever
  15. J

    Commercial Floor Rep

    Has anyone heard from him lately? Hope he is okay
  16. J

    Where is Mike?

    Havent seen Mike here for awhile? Hope he is too busy working to check in As a PS I just went to the supermarket with a bit of a queue due to the lock down which has been not even 7 days and guess what all the toilet rolls have gone What does everybody do with the TP rolls? :) Also there were a...
  17. J

    We have a problem here

    On the news today
  18. J

    Anybody watching the Olympics?

    This lady is fantastic Takes me all my time to stand after kneeling
  19. J

    Anybody looking for a new apartment?

    Here is a place for you Just the place for you Hav Mark I dont think you would be able to park your old wagons outside :)
  20. J

    Wool against Synthetic Carpets

    What do you think of this?