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  1. DarisMulkin

    Discussing politics and religion

    CJ I kind of resent that picture as my grandfather wore a hook/artifical hand because of a buzz saw accident back when. Kind of like making fun of him to me. Sorry.
  2. DarisMulkin

    What did you do today?

    Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it---Dahli Lahma
  3. DarisMulkin

    What did you do today?

    Don't look to bad for a rookie.;)
  4. DarisMulkin

    Duck tape trick

    Could be, I taken up a lot of carpet where the tape was just flapping in the breeze.
  5. DarisMulkin

    Duck tape trick

    Moisture pads are aa whole different breed from regular old rebond. I've tore up many of jobs where every pad seam showed when there was duck tape on it. It has a non breathable sufrace on it. Those jobs I tore up were mostly on concrete, but basically the pad under the tape was just like brand...
  6. DarisMulkin

    Duck tape trick

    MSLI You know you aren't susposed to use duck tape on pad seams don't you? It doesn't let the pad breath and could give you humps in the floor. That is why the edge of steps are taped.
  7. DarisMulkin

    Rolling carpet tiles immediately?

    We installed 1000's of yards of Interface using the grid pattern until we did a whole floor over at AC Spark Plug. Did the job on the weekend and on Monday got a call the tile had shifted when rolling mail cart over them. My boss sent us back the following weekend to full spread the floor...
  8. DarisMulkin

    Creative Carpet Stretching

    Crain don't usually want anything that is already patented, but they do pay you for your idea last I knew.
  9. DarisMulkin

    Side sweep seaming issues

    A little trick when straight edging, shift the carpet against the grain just before you put the straight edge on it and that will make it lay back, and if possible don't put your knee on it.
  10. DarisMulkin

    Thought of the day .

    Tell her eveyone likes a little ass but no one likes a smartass.
  11. DarisMulkin

    What did you do today?

    Z I haven't heard that since I was in the Navy and our pilots didn't like something on one of our planes. Thanks for the memory.
  12. DarisMulkin

    Use vinyl roll to give old garage a smooth surface - can it be an easy project?

    If you are in a cold climate like I am[Mi] floor filler to enclose expansion joints won't work, the movement of the floor pushes it out. Speaking from experience in my own garage. I haven't had a car in my garage in 36 years. Once or twice a year I open the doors and a leaf blower cleans it out...
  13. DarisMulkin

    What’s Cookin

    Woifes making a turkey[yuck] with all the trimmings. Kid and grandkids are coming over. Eat up kiddoes that means less leftovers.
  14. DarisMulkin

    How would you stretch this ?

    I was looking until instagram wanted me to join. But anyway Everything looks great to me what I saw except one thing is kind of a burr in my side. And that is the straight steps are water falled but the rounded steps are cap and band. Why weren't the rounded steps waterfalled like the rest?
  15. DarisMulkin

    How would you stretch this ?

    what is a bolster?
  16. DarisMulkin

    Echo/sound deadening

    Are there any pictures on the walls? They reflect sound to the floor. You can have a room that echoes and pictures stop that. or even hang banners and such from the ceiling.
  17. DarisMulkin

    How would you stretch this ?

    Work away from the doorways and garbage[closets, alcoves] , etc. Into straight walls as much as possible. But I'm sure you know all that.
  18. DarisMulkin


  19. DarisMulkin

    Stair stretching

    When I started stairs were just part of the job, when I etired straight steps were still part of the job. Upholstered now that was a different story. If I remember right spindles was .50 and 2.50 per end. Curved waterfall bullnose $100. Cap and band was free.
  20. DarisMulkin

    What did you do today?

    I did a job once where the customer had a French toilet, no water. Had a trap door on the bottom and when you pushed the handle everything fell down the pipe.