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    looking for help identifying flooring

    I got a call from a builder with a client who wants to install the flooring pictured throughout the entire home. All I have to go on is pictures and a virtual walk-through. I do not know of any hardwood that has no end joints and can perform in wet areas but whatever, lol. I told them I would...
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    door jamb and casing gap

    we removed 1/2" click hardwood and are going in with LVP. H.O. instaIlation so undercuts are random heights. I thought the owners were going to install new casing at the doors but they are not. I mentioned the height difference but failed to make sure they understood exactly what that would look...
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    cleat nailer

    I am looking for an 18ga cleat nailer for a 1/2" engineered wood job I have coming up. We have been using a trigger fired stapler for the wood jobs we have had lately but I feel better about cleats, personally. I was all set to just order a trigger fired nailer but found a mallet fired one that...