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    What did you do today?

    35 years I had a time clock.... I was an hourly installer. Never had any devastating injuries other than what happened inside my head...... This is working in the laundry department of a Wrinkle Wranch that the County owns.
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    What did you do today?

    Got a government job, it's really shitty.
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    What did you do today?

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    What did you do today?

    Hung up the kicker after 35 years and got a real job.
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    best way to add hardwood without lacing

    Unfortunately for me, I quoted him a high price, at least I thought it was high, and after talking to hardwood guys, I wasn't even close. I added a $150 bucks.:( That's what happens when you're a crapet guy doing hardwood!
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    best way to add hardwood without lacing

    This is a friend of mine that's been on a missions trip with me. He had asked me for 2 years to do this, but I kept saying no. He had asked 4 other places also to do this and they also said no. The house was 5 years old when I finally agreed to do it. It was the exact same hardwood as installed...
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    best way to add hardwood without lacing

    It can be done! I agree with Nick. Here is a job I did a few years ago for a buddy of mine. This was only one room that I interlaced with a foyer through about a 6 foot opening. I had it done in a short Saturday with my son helping.
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    armstrong laminate and noise

    I have Armstrong laminate in my kitchen and dining room. It is the most realistic laminate out there! Now for the noise, never ever ever have heard a sound out of my laminate in 7 years. I wonder where you're getting your information from. If the laminate is NOT installed over a flat floor, it...
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    Dim the lights

    Gee High, I thought with the title of this thread, you might have a girlfriend!:D
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    Torn tendon

    Say What?:D
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    New Moderator

    Does that mean Nick actually has work? :eek:
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    We had a bunch of problems with luan in the late 80's, early 90's. Had a lot of voids that high heels went through!
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    I build a wood fire!:D
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    Summer Cottage To Year-Round

    I would go with with LVT click.
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    Raised base or not?

    You do realize that the tackless also has pins on it that are angled to hold carpet. I set the wall that I stretch away from with a kicker and that holds just fine. I do understand why the tackless is beveled, base up is my preference.:p I really like the finished look!
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    Best floor for wet traffic

    I agree with this!
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    Raised base or not?

    Gotta be raised! So much faster. 3/8 is my preferred height. I think the transition from floor to wall looks a lot nicer also.
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    Teaching the cat to read.

    Graffiti artist as well.
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    Allure Story

    When I put new carpet in our church, one old lady left the church because she claimed she couldn't handle new carpet smell. She left the week before I did the carpet. Some people will find some reason.........................:rolleyes:
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    Oil Down, Donations Up

    Ernesto, Some homework for you. What was the price of gas when Nobama took office?