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  1. FYIfloors

    Who prepared this?

    That's a typical wet floor in NZ lol!!
  2. FYIfloors

    RFMS Software

    Hi all, Has anyone on this forum used this software? If so can you give me the pro and cons. :D
  3. FYIfloors

    Tia's Birthday

    Happy birthday Tia for yesterday 😊 Sent from my iPhone using Flooring Forum
  4. FYIfloors

    For the mechanics

    Yea I miss those days, Anywhere was a safe place to live back then.....not now Sent from my iPhone using Flooring Forum
  5. FYIfloors

    Is this forum alive or dead?

    Yea I know, guilty as charged, will up my game 😁 Sent from my iPhone using Flooring Forum
  6. FYIfloors

    Hello people

    Think I may have met Adam about 10 years ago. Welcome, if I remember right Adam has extensive knowledge of concrete and coating systems so he will be great with the tech stuff 😊 Sent from my iPhone using Flooring Forum
  7. FYIfloors

    You know you are a mod when

    Haha Jon maybe at your place! Sent from my iPhone using Flooring Forum
  8. FYIfloors

    Is this forum alive or dead?

    I pop in from time to time and I'm from NZ 😊 Sent from my iPhone using Flooring Forum
  9. FYIfloors

    The Travelling Kiwis

    You two sure get around!! Sounds like an awesome trip Jon
  10. FYIfloors


    Sorry guys have just been busy with bubs and had some issues with my app on my iPhone that I hadn't got around to asking you how to fix it however it is all working now. I'm hoping to have more time this year to stay in touch and keep up with what's going on around the world xxoo
  11. FYIfloors


    Hope you are all safe in the US, news here says the weathers pretty bad. Keep safe and warm my friends xxx
  12. FYIfloors

    Happy Birthday

    Happy really belated Birthday mate, you gona retire this year?
  13. FYIfloors

    New Lappy

    Nope he probably won't retire. So windows 8 is poos aye the adds on the tele make it look so cool I'm definately going Mac next upgrade I'm loving the (i) age. Jon I wouldn't waste Nick on child care would send the poor man to drink.....
  14. FYIfloors

    New Lappy

    Would be nice to have someone with Nicks knowledge over here. Got the sitter sorted Jon and thank godless as this year has just started to crank up for me. How you doing have you retired yet?
  15. FYIfloors

    New Lappy

    Send me the adoption paper ill sponsor you Nick would be nice to have you over 😊. If I remember rightly tho you prefer the ocean liner route
  16. FYIfloors

    Baby Stella

    Hi guys well Stella and I ended up back in hospital for another two weeks and only got out Monday everything is ok we just had a bump in the road. Yes Jon I was taking calls in the hospital the day after she was born and organizing work and same the second stint in hospital my world doesn't...
  17. FYIfloors

    Happy Birthday Nick

    Sorry I missed your birthday Nick, Happy belated Birthday XX
  18. FYIfloors

    Baby Stella

    Hi all just thought I'd let you know that we had a baby girl on Wednesday she weighed 8.3lb or 3.7 kg she spent 3 days in intensive care as she had fluid on her lungs she couldn't get rid if herself. We have named her Stella Drewe Cameron and she is in perfect health.
  19. FYIfloors

    iOS 6

    I downloaded the update and I can now no longer download music from my iTunes ...... Gutted
  20. FYIfloors

    Looking up my back door.

    Was wondering if he may have gone through the procedure therefore could relate. So Nick gona share LOL!!!!! Checky broad!!