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    How to Install Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

    Step 1: Check the jobsite conditions On a construction project, wood flooring should be left as one of the last steps. It is important to evaluate the jobsite prior to installation and prior to the flooring arrived at the jobsite so potential problems can be minimized. Installing an...
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    How to Identify Hardwoods and Softwoods

    All the basics of hardwoods What distinguishes hardwood from softwood is how the plant reproduces. The difference in their reproduction is closely related with their seeds structure. Scientifically known as angiosperms, which are plants that produce seeds with a sort of covering. Either a...
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    What floor pattern on hardwood floors should I have?

    Here are the most popular methods of wood floor pattern installations to choose from. Look for one that suits your project's budget and interior style. 1. Straight wood floor pattern Typically, the first thing you do when selecting a wood floor pattern is to look at the orientation. Imagine if...
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    Flooring Options for Stairs

    This article was posted on Solid wood flooring undeniably offers an elegant, luxury look to your home. Among all kinds of solid flooring, the noblest of all is teak. If you are in search of a high quality solid wood flooring for your home that can last for generations and add...