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    Any questions?

    I had to replace the carpet due to water damage (and just not liking having carpet in a motor home). I replaced it with cushioned loose lay vinyl. It was a very time consuming job. Not hard but lots of time.
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    Concrete Slab Foundation/Some Dampness/Need Flooring Advice

    Foundation is responsible for supporting the substructure of the home and it works hand and hand with existing soil condition if there were no concrete footings, the concrete slab would crush or crack under the weight of the load bearing exterior walls and the load bearing interior walls.*
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    Slab Preparation Advice

    No matter what kind of finished flooring you plan to install, the substrate must be properly prepared. In the case of a*concrete*slab, it should be solid, smooth, and level.
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    Several Install questions

    For installation of a glue down engineered hardwood floor, it is most important to prepare the subfloor correctly first
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    tile entry only 1/2" height to work with

    I also want to know the same about tile installation. If you know about it let me know also. Thanks.
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    Flooring for Attic

    Flooring an attic does not only give you more storage area, it also makes it safer to walk in the attic rather than stepping from joist to joist.
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    Ditra Matting and/or C-Cure Flex Grout Failure

    Sorry to hear of the problems your brother has had with these installations. I would hope that the C-Cure had changed by now.
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    Dilema from a newbie, Popping, vibrating floor

    Floor vibration affects not only the comfort of the occupants but also sensitive equipment that might be on the floor, especially in industrial and laboratory settings. Excessive floor vibration can even cause some equipment to malfunction.
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    Cabin Grade

    A good quality cabin grade wood will produce a good-looking floor, but it will be more rustic and have more character than better grades of wood. In other words, it will have more light and dark boards, more mineral streaks, pinholes, and small knots holes. When purchasing cabin grade wood, you...
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    Install tips needed

    It is relatively easy to install heat tape and it is a good way to prevent major damage to your manufactured home. STEP 1: Check pipes, STEP 2: Attach to pipe, STEP 3: Attach heat tape, STEP 4: Insulate, STEP 5: Plug it in (Do not forget to plug in your heat tape before the onset of cold weather.)
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    Hello, I am new on this forum.Thanks!