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  1. DarisMulkin


    -Ouch A woman goes to the doctor and says "Doctor I want to have a baby but my husband is adamant that he doesn't want any children. What can I do?" The doctor tells her that the next time she goes to have sex with her husband, take a sewing needle and poke holes in the tip of the condom. A...
  2. DarisMulkin

    Discussing politics and religion

    I hate politics and political dicussion, but why do you think we lost beside North Vietnam had Hanoi Jane on their side? My opinion is in Nam we weren't acustom to their style of gorilla warfare, and in Afganistan you couldn't tell who the enemy was as they all dressed the same and again...
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  4. DarisMulkin

    When you know you’re old

    Being old and dealing with it are 2 different things. I'm 79 and try not to let my short falls get me down to much. I know there are things I can't do and don't even try, but I would love to. Lotsa things I'd love to.
  5. DarisMulkin

    Hi everyone..

    Well it was the biggest I have ever seen. Even went through my buggy roof and wounded my horse. Horse went to the hospital and should be release at the end of the month or first part of October, the buggy roofs are going to be replaced, and the side boards are going to be replaced also. Oh and a...
  6. DarisMulkin

    Hi everyone..

    Living the dream. Most of the summer has been spent cleaning up and emptying a house I took back. What a mess!! Then we had a hail storm go through the town and most roofs have to be replaced and siding. My car got $19,500 worth of damages it only had 3000 miles on it. That was on July 20th. We...
  7. DarisMulkin

    Looking for a textured carpet that is hopefully dog friendly

    First off what kind of dog is it that you call small? Some people call a Great Dane small. Is it frisky and runs and plays a lot? I had a English Shepard get a nail caught in a berber type carpet and paniced and pull and wrappred the yarn around his leg and paw and the owner thought they were...
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  9. DarisMulkin

    Would you consider this to be a professional installation?

    I think you let them bully you. You are actually the one in the power to bully them and tell them you will be with holding the check until it is resolved. Just my opinion.
  10. DarisMulkin


    A little caulk will take care of that.
  11. DarisMulkin

    What did you do today?

    If I remember right that pad was designed for double glue down.
  12. DarisMulkin

    Ragged edge on Carpet install; can this be fixed and if so, how?

    when I started the bulk of the jobs were loop pile. Berber to me was just a loop pile, no big deal.
  13. DarisMulkin

    $2 pliers

    Probably to grip the wires when twisting them together.
  14. DarisMulkin

    Ragged edge on Carpet install; can this be fixed and if so, how?

    It can be done without taking the seam apart and probably easier to find someone to do it. Rug fabricators should have the equipment.
  15. DarisMulkin

    4mm SPC vinyl above garage floor

    I'm a Handyman subscriber and they are talking about using cork flooring as it is an insulater as well as a sound deadener. Just got the issue today.
  16. DarisMulkin

    Ragged edge on Carpet install; can this be fixed and if so, how?

    I agree with the installer as to why it lloks ragged. If you could get them to open the seam and bevel the higher carpet with a beveler made for beveling, then it wouldn't be so noticable. Othan that I'd see if they could sissor cut it. Sales person should have mentioned it at the time of the...
  17. DarisMulkin


    I always did the carpet before the tackstrip, I learned the hard way also.
  18. DarisMulkin

    What’s Cookin

    Good old tube steaks a fresh sweet corn.
  19. DarisMulkin

    What did you do today?

    Get one of those adjustable handle like the painters use and screw it into a scrub brush.
  20. DarisMulkin

    What’s Cookin

    That is what I want when it is hot, cold meat sammiches and potato salad or macronie salad. And Karen makes the best of both salads. Today it is 79* and a nice breeze.