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    Loose lay carpet issue

    Can you back roll it a bit?—- like when you want the edge of an area rug to lay down?
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    LVP on stairs - what to do about attached underpad

    I would not put lvp on stairs—- slippery as shit and how do you finish it?—-a metal nose?—- that ain’t gonna look fancy
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    Concrete Settling - Mohwak Laminate

    Keep in mind that no one can be sure that the movement is not going to continue—- we can go through all kinds of contortions to repair this only to find deja by in six months—— I think floaters might not work here
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    Hardwood casters vs floor mat

    Fancy glass mats is what you need
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    Discussing politics and religion

    I heard trump is really pissed at the current governor of Florida—-some kind of pissin contest—- the latest is that he’s calling him Ron De Satans Ass—- is that true?
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    Crain 280 Air mover

    I still use the Masonite boards for appliances—- very Stone Age but gets the job done
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    Solutions for stone to laminate flooring height issue, so that roomba robot vacuum can enter/exit room.

    I would think getting a second room a would be your easiest option
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    How many soft spots are typical on a new install?

    There should be zero soft spots on a floating lvp—-at this point you might want to consider gluing it down
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    Stinky slab

    Baby powder—-the good stuff with talc——squirt it around then sweep it up
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    Wall to wall over 12” x 12” ceramic

    Carpet tile makes sense to me—- they make these tabs for the corners so you could loose lay the whole thing——
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    Will the insurance company buy 100 yards of carpet?

    Insurance companies generally pay for exactly what is damaged—-the phrase is “ making you whole”——- decorating ain’t got shit to do with it
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    Sanding seams

    Never sanded a seam in my life
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    Can I sand?

    Engineered can be screened—- that’s about it
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    How to raise entire floor 1/8"

    VCT should do the trick
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    Unknown brand click together plank repair

    My goto glue for sticky situations—- ha ha ha—— like this is lock tite—- it’s sort of like liquid nail but it’s instant grab and dries clear—- I use it mostly for outside corners on cove base
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    Choosing the right type of flooring for a laundry room.

    Sheet vinyl is the best—— btw very little vinyl from 84 had any asbestos in it —- if you don’t want to rip it up you can skim coat and go over it or put down 1/4 ply
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    Preventing concrete moisture from damaging laminate flooring with underlayment

    I think putting laminate in a basement is destined to fail—— lvp is much less sensitive to moisture
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    Powernail Tacker

    I need a new spring for one of my duofasts—— any ideas?
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    Discussing politics and religion

    Today Donny rump called on Putin to release any dirt he has on the Biden’s—- always good when a war criminal has your back
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    Vinyl plank flooring and bumpy concrete

    Arden feather finish—- on to the next job