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    Unsquare walls. Feel like a dummy. Need advice.

    I'm trying to lay a laminate and have found that the walls are kind of wonky. The main, long wall that I am staring on measures close to the same on both ends, but it is curved inward slightly in the middle. Almost a half inch difference in the middle than the edges. I guess I will obviously...
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    Need tips for drilling anchors.

    I am having a hard time. My problem is, though I have measured and marked the perfect dots, my holes don't come out perfectly in line. I'm using a 3/16" masonary bit and being sure I am holding the drill at the correct angle. I just don't know what is going on. Do I need to start with a tiny bit...
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    Flooring transition question.

    Maybe a very dumb question, but I can't seem to find an answer. When you install a transition piece in a doorway to transition to another floor, does the transition strip usually slide under the jamb with the floor, or does it just butt up to the jamb on both sides?
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    Installing flooring with baseboards already attached.

    I know it's ideal to install baseboards last, but this is a newly rebuilt room that I volunteered to put a laminate floor down in, and I knew I would ugly up the trim had I tried it myself, so we just got the guy to go ahead with all the trim and baseboards. I figured I would just leave an...
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    Stumped over door threshold

    Hi all. I just had a door installed and will be putting a laminate floor down soon, but I’m stumped over this threshold. I am by no means an expert on flooring, but I have put down a handful over the years without any major trouble. I know the gap of the flooring should be hidden by the...