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    Water stain or mold? Also mild crowning.

    We had a water spill in our kitchen (water filter didn’t insert correctly and water dumped onto the floor). We did our own clean up. In retrospect we should have brought in some equipment, but we put fans on it and allowed it to air dry. At first, there was cupping. But that went away after...
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    Cork Underlayment

    Our hardwood floors were installed about three years go. They out a layer of cork down to help out with sound insulation. However, I'm pretty sure they nailed down the hardwood. My understanding is that likely negated the effect of the cork on sound prevention by as much as 50% However, what...
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    White scratches on pre-finished hardwood floors

    I have a lot of surface scratches on our hardwood floors. Mostly from our dog’s nails, I believe. Rubbing things like Old English Scratch Cover over them has no effect. Since they are just surface scratches, and the dog will probably just cause more, we don’t want to do a refinish just yet. We...