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    Terminology / Glossary of Vinyl Flooring

    Important terminology that describes Vinyl Flooring and related elements in the various regions of the world. * Subfloor = the material used as the base product of the floor construction. This could be concrete slab or a wood panel product nailed to floor joists Substrate = the surface...
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    Need help with flooring recomendations

    New guy here that knows NOTHING about flooring looking for recommendations We're building a new house 1 block from the ocean in the WET Pacific NW climate Adult family of 2 with large 80 lb dog that brings in LOT's of sand from the beach Want it to look natural/rustic but want virtually...
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    Marble and Wood Flooring

    Thoughts? Please suggest other stuff too that you think would be most appropriate. Note: I live somewhere humid.
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    Basement flooring without finishing walls

    I'm looking to put down some flooring to give the basement a clean look. I'm considering the new Lifeproof (plastic?) since it is waterproof. The issue is that I do not plan to finish the walls with framing and studs due to various reasons. Our concrete walls are painted white and look clean as...
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    Shaw Laminate Needed!

    Hello, I am in desperate need of 1 box of Shaw Natural Values II Big Bend Oak. SL244U-00212 is the number. I was sold discontinued flooring a few weeks ago and I need one more box to finish my living room. If someone had one I would pay the shipping and make it worth their while. You can...