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    Can I sand?

    Hi all. I was hoping to get a bit of advice regarding flooring in my new home. We were originally planning to replace completely, but have been a little surprised by prices, so now looking for possible budget friendly options. My main question is if the floor is engineered wood or laminate. I'm...
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    What to do with this subfloor?

    This is my first time doing any flooring, we're trying to pull out the old carpet and install floating laminate ourselves. We've pulled up the carpet and I see some spots where the plywood isn't quite lined up. Does it need to just be nailed down better where it's lifting on these edges, or do I...
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    Looking for discontinued Pergo XP Laminate Flooring "Southern Grey Oak"

    It was a Home Depot exclusive and has been discontinued. Looking for 16-20 cartons to finish up areas in my home. Will take smaller amounts as well if anyone happens to have extra or has a lead on any. Throwing a Hail Mary here, fortunately all my areas are currently completed, but was trying...
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    Need help with flooring recomendations

    New guy here that knows NOTHING about flooring looking for recommendations We're building a new house 1 block from the ocean in the WET Pacific NW climate Adult family of 2 with large 80 lb dog that brings in LOT's of sand from the beach Want it to look natural/rustic but want virtually...
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    Shaw Laminate Needed!

    Hello, I am in desperate need of 1 box of Shaw Natural Values II Big Bend Oak. SL244U-00212 is the number. I was sold discontinued flooring a few weeks ago and I need one more box to finish my living room. If someone had one I would pay the shipping and make it worth their while. You can...
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    Need help identifying laminate flooring

    Made in Germany Thickness: 7 mm Width: 7-5/8 in Length: 50-7/8 in Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Wilsonart Treasure Wood Laminate

    I'm looking for 9 boxes of Wilsonart Treasure Wood flooring. Anyone have any? I'm trying to match a room that has had the carpet removed...
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    Installing 12mm laminate over Oriented strand board

    Hi, I'm trying ton install a floating floor for the first time, its gemwoods brand, the Scottsdale collection merlot. After removing my carpet I discovered that the subfloor is Oriented strand board , The surface is NOT smooth at all, plus...