Anyone used the Pallman Spider or the Klindex Timba?

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Dustin Rhodes

New Member
Jul 15, 2019
I'm interested in getting a new planetary sander that's ideally more aggressive than what I currently use (currently have a Clarke Epoch and a Lagler Trio) and a few machines that I've come across while researching various machines that seem to be more agressive than the others I mentioned are; the Klindex Timba, the Pallman Spider and the HTC EZwood. Wondering if anyone owns or has used/demoed any of these machines and what you might have thought..

My entire goal with this more powerful planetary machine would be to minimize edging as much as possible and hopefully shave some time off of each job. Based on the few videos I've found online of these machines being used, they all seem to have the type of power I'm hoping for. Any advise will be appreciated.