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May 18, 2016
Hello everyone! New to the forum here and about to start a fairly large (650sq ft) floating laminate click-lock floor (12mm). This will be my first time installing flooring, but I am handy with a variety of things, so I'm giving this a try.

I'm concerned with exactly where I should start this flooring project. Ideally, friends have told me to start on line 2 and work to the left as the hallway is the focal point of the flooring. However, this would require me to install the 12mm laminate backwards (to the right) through the rest of the kitchen and 3 rooms. I do not want transitions, so I think this would be very difficult to work around the works backwards since this is a thick laminate with a real engaging click.

The second option which I am leaning towards is to start on far left wall and work to line 1. This will only require me to work backwards on a short section in the kitchen. My only concern with this approach is that the flooring will be continuing down the kitchen on one side, and then separately in the family room on the other side, split by the middle structure/staircase. The two sides will need to marry at the left side of the hallway. Should I be concerned that there is a good chance the seams will not match at this point? I'll ensure that it is square, but would hate to get half way through the flooring to find out my seams are staggered.

Are there different approaches I should take?

FYI - this laminate is from lumber liquidators -

flooring blueprints2.jpg
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Jun 30, 2011
amherst, ma
the simple answer is put in transitions----you might not want them but the manufacturer may require them----there are limitations on laminate---check the specs

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