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Jun 25, 2011
, AZ
For the first time in several years the price of diesel is lower than regular gas. Today I bought disel for $3.37 a gal and regular gas was $3.39 a gal. For a couple years diesel was up to a dollar more than regular. This sure is helping my wallet, but still too damned high for a lower refined fuel.
Hooraw here too!!! I remember when I first got my truck, diesel was 50 cents a gallon lower than unleaded. Then all hell broke loose and like you said, this is the first time it's been lower since. I'm still up at around $3.60, but that's about 90 cents lower than a few months ago and it's still going down. Keep it up I say.:)
Me thinks it is because China is not hogging all the diesel, keep buying American products and it reduces China's demand on diesel.

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