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Mark Gilbert

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Jul 10, 2018
San Rafael
I am converting my garage into a studio and the garage floor has a slope so that the 19 foot depth of the garage has a 1 inch slope and the entrance of the garage. I need to build a footing at the entrance so I was wondering if the best thing to do is build a footing around the studio. Garage opening and additional wall in side of garage. Then pour some type of self leveling product so that the floor inside of the footing becomes level. I will then use Bekotec or Upanor Fast-Trak for the radiant heating.

Another connected question is what to pour over it. I have seen some pretty cool products primarily in Europe which is a self leveling polymer modified screed. Though not sure what the cost would be for that compared to just doing a concrete pour and having someone finish the surface. I would think the self levelling would be the best as leveling a 20 foot wide span must be tough.


Mar 6, 2011
Also look at USIN products. I have only used their epoxy primer and moisture limiter one time and was very impressed. The job was done mostly from assistance from a UZIN company rep.
Depending on the future floor covering of choice, moisture issues would be good to consider now. A moisture barrier should be properly applied before any leveling out concrete is poured.
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