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Jan 25, 2017
This article was originally posted on www.millenniumhardwood.com

If you are in the process of selecting a new flooring option for your two story home then you may need to consider the stairs as an important factor in deciding what flooring material to install in your home.
Stairs are one of the most important parts of any home. Your staircase does not just serve a functional purpose but it also adds style and sophistication to your home. The angle, style, lighting and floor surface of your stairs play a significant part in how you will see and enjoy your home. Writers and artists have used stairs for centuries as symbolism in stories. Movie producers often use staircase scenes to communicate specific messages about the plot, character and themes to the viewer. In classic film noir movies for example, spiraling, dark and intricate stairs act as a hint to the convoluted mind of the antagonist. Whereas in contemporary cinema, stairs often represent a way the director projects the power of a character or the accomplishment of an impossible task (see Rocky's climb up the stairs.)
Bellow you will find a quick guide that will help you find out the pros and cons of selecting different flooring products for you home and stairs.
The most important factors to consider when selecting your new floor coverings are the structure, style and the functional purpose of the stairs.

Porcelain or ceramic tiles for example are a great option if your main concern is cleanliness and durability. Tile surfaces are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain and do not ware our easily even with high foot traffic. Tile however, on stairs can turn out to be very slippery and add to that some incredibly hard and sharp corners that can turn this home set piece into painful deathtrap.

Hardwood is a classic look that when installed correctly will give a handcrafted look and feel to the home. Another positive is that there are limitless hardwood species and stains to choose from, enough to select a style that fits the traditional, transitional and modern homes. Because stairs are high foot traffic areas we recommend that you choose a product that ranks high on the Janka Hardness Scale. In Austin and Central Texas area, hickory and oaks are among the most popular hardwood surfaces. They are strong, resilient woods that do very well in a residential setting.
If you enjoy the look and feel of hardwood, but would like something more resilient to heavy traffic, laminates can be a great alternative for a multistory home. You will have a limitless pool of colors and styles to choose the product that best fits the functionality and style of your home. More-so, laminates are very easy to clean and maintain.
Finally! Did you know that in the famous 1939 movie Gone With The Wind the central piece of the home and the story was the staircase? In fact, some of the most important narrative moments in this iconic movie happen on the stairs. Important characters are introduced to each other and to the audience as they are walking down the stairs. Emotional dialogue happens as characters stand near or ascend the stairs. In addition, the emotionally charged last scene of the film is intentionally set on the beautiful red staircase.

Now if you also want to have the crimson red stairs in your home you have to choose carpet. Carpet is quite, soft and worm. If you have small children, carpeted stairs are also safer in case of slips and falls. The downside of carpet on stairs however is the difficulty to maintain clean and vacuuming can be a real chore.
Before selecting your flooring surface, consider the style, the structure and who will be using the staircase.


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Sep 27, 2017
This article was posted on wooderra.com

Solid wood flooring undeniably offers an elegant, luxury look to your home. Among all kinds of solid flooring, the noblest of all is teak. If you are in search of a high quality solid wood flooring for your home that can last for generations and add value to your property as time goes by, solid teak flooring is definitely the right choice. Understanding its most prominent qualities is the first step for an expert homeowner to make an educated selection.


Native to tropical parts of Southeast Asia, teak is also grown throughout the tropics, for example, Wooderra's sustainably renewable sources in Panama. Solid teak wood is scientifically called Tectona Grandis. The colors are radiant, range from dark golden yellow to a dark mocha with exposure. It gives off a pleasant scent when freshly cut. Once sanded, solid teak flooring strips to a rich complexion and with age, it shows beautiful streaks of various shades. Teak's elegance is pleasing to the eyes and feels smooth on your bare feet.


Teak wood is comparably softer than most hardwoods, yet strong and dimensionally stable. Solid teak flooring can withstand inclement weather including humid conditions and intense sunlight exposure.

Solid teak flooring is known for its water resistance thanks to the natural oils present in mature teak hard wood. The mechanism of natural teak oil works to fill all the micro tubes and prevents humidity from penetrating the grain and altering the cellular structure. For this reason, teak flooring is the least likely to be prone to contraction and expansion.

Additionally, the oil content acts as a safeguard for this particular wood flooring, protecting it from fungi, bacteria, and termite attacks, which are primary enemies to other hardwood species. Furthermore, solid teak flooring's strength is owed to its silicon content that prevents oxidation from contact with metals over a substantial length of time. This is why teak flooring has been acclaimed as a durable choice for flooring, which can last for hundreds of years with proper maintenance.


Note that teak wood can be made into prefinished flooring and unfinished flooring. The common understanding is that solid wood flooring can be sanded and refinished multiple times throughout its lifetime, which is a fantastic attribute.

On one hand, prefinished solid flooring is very likely to lose its appearance characteristics because it has already been factory-finished and coated before arriving at your home.

On the other hand, unfinished solid flooring remains with all of its characteristics as it arrives in a natural state.

If you want to feel the authentic characteristics that don't get lost in the factory-processed stage, for example here, the diverse grains of solid teak flooring, sometimes wavy, sometimes straight, sometimes rippling, or its texture which is a little bit coarse, unfinished solid teak flooring is what you should aim for. Installation needs to be done by flooring professionals but the value and benefits totally pay off afterwards. When unfinished flooring is professionally installed and finished in place after installation there will be no micro bevel lines between each plank that you will always have when prefinished flooring is installed. During the installation and maintenance of either kind, which will involve refinishing, it is important to note that teak dusk might cause skin irritations for some people.


For several hundreds of years, teak wood has been used for home construction, furniture building and most impressively, shipbuilding. Thus, the fact that it can endure harsh conditions and constant water contact at sea for centuries makes teak hardwood the ideal choice for flooring to be installed in humid areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. Basically, this particular wood flooring can work in almost any room. Teak is the most dimensional stable type of flooring for areas that may have more moisture but lower traffic. High heels or spikey sport shoes are not recommended on teak flooring or any other wood flooring.


It is super easy to care for solid teak flooring. To maintain its great form, vacuuming or using a soft mop on a daily basis are simple solutions. It may be also advisable to use oil on teak flooring depending on how it is finished. With proper care you can retain its natural sheen which beforehand will require a clean and dry status of the flooring as a prep step for oil treatment and specific cleaner for teak flooring is also needed. The number of oil coats should depend on how rich and thorough the finishing you wish for your solid teak flooring.

Recap on the qualities of solid teak flooring

1. Varieties of alluring colors that evolve as time goes by

2. Smooth feel and gentle on your feet

3. Natural oil content makes for superb durability

4. Silicon content generates great strength.

5. If you want quality, durability, elegance and value of solid teak flooring, the clear best choice is to install unfinished solid teak flooring and to sand and finish it in place.

6. Strong resistance in humid areas and best placed at low traffic areas

7. Vacuuming or mopping is good enough, though oil treatment is also recommended.

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