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Jun 20, 2019
Brooklyn NY
I’m trying to convert an attached garage to a bedroom we live in NY. There is a heated basement underneath the concrete slab.

I’m thinking of installing engineered hardwood flooring. The concrete slab is 1.5 inch sloped down. I know my choice is to use self leveling compound to bring it to level. The ceiling height is only 95.5 inches not taking into consideration the ceiling Ill install so my high is limited.

Few questions:

1. If i dont level the floor would it be still comfortable to walk on?
2. any other choice to level the floor? Per my calculations it would Self leveling 20/30 50lbs bags.
3. maybe I should use PT 2/4s and lay them as sleepers and scribe them. coming from high point at 1/2 inch and going to low point at 2 inches? This way I only loose 1/2 inch but i dont spend so much on self leveling cement.

Any advise?



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