How to Find Advanced Display Info of Your Monitor on Windows 10

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Jan 31, 2010
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When it comes to troubleshooting or upgrading different hardware on your PC, Windows 10 makes it easy to access most of the under-the-hood details. But what about the monitor you are using? At some point, you mind find yourself in a situation where you need to know the make, model, or other details about the monitor connected to your PC.

Unless you have the original manual or know the secret buttons to push to cycle through the display’s menu setting, it can be a pain to find the advanced details you need. But just like with finding your PC’s local drive or RAM details, Windows 10 makes finding the make or model and other specific details about the display a fairly painless process. You just need to know where to look.

Find your Monitor’s Make, Model, and More
To find the details about your monitor, head to Settings > System > Display and scroll down and click the “Advanced Display Settings” link.


The next screen that appears will list off a ton of details about your monitor(s). Information includes the manufacturer, model number, resolution, the model of graphics card it’s connected to, refresh rate, and a lot more.


From here you can also click the “Display adapter properties” link to open the properties for the graphics card for additional info for maintenance or troubleshooting that needs to be done.


There are many different reasons why you would need to access the advanced display settings. Maybe you need help getting it to work with your computer’s display adapter. Perhaps you need to find the proper drivers for your laptop monitor so it works with a projector. Or, perhaps you want toconfigure a dual-monitor setup for easier multitasking. Whatever the case, whether it’s for troubleshooting or some other reason, if you do need to find detailed information about your monitor quickly, Windows 10 makes the job much easier – even if you have multiple connected monitors.

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