I'm debating the best way to tackle this 250 sq f laundry room flooring issue..looking to tap into all you who are a lot smarter than me.

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Dec 6, 2022
I bought a fixer built in 1971 that was a complete dumpster fire. Over the last 6 years I've remodeled everything from the ground up..often from the studs out. One of the last rooms left is this laundry room. It's a below grade concrete slab. Unknown to me my ex-wife painted over it with a Behr Porch/Patio paint while I was out of town. Didn't bother me..however..now that I'm looking to put some flooring down it adds one more question.

I may be moving next summer for work and am considering renting out this home. I'm really not concerned about looks. After all the money I've dumped into the rest of the house I'm basically looking for something quick and cheap. For that reason I'd love to minimize prep work. I leveled the main floor in the house prior to laminate and a bathroom concrete subfloor prior to LVP and would really like to avoid it, if possible.

Because I may keep it as I rental I'd really prefer to keep it as cheap and easy as possible. I was thinking a floating LVP or sheet vinyl.

My two main concerns:

1) For a floating floor I'm concerned about the slope to the drain. It's consistent all the way around but slopes about 1.5" over about a 3-4' diameter. The rest of the floor is very smooth. It's also fairly level with only a 2-3 low spots that drop maybe a 16th in a 4ft diameter. It's very smooth. With floating I know I wouldn't need to worry about adhesive adhesion with a vinyl sheet or glue down tile. Because of the drain slope I'm thinking a rigid core product is obviously out.

2) The paint the ex used seems to be in good shape but if I go for sheet vinyl I'm concerned about adhesion?

It's my own personal residence so I'm frankly ok if the floor is a little out of recommended parameters. Obviously I don't wants something to fail in 2 years. Just looking to cover the eyesore.

In my mind a glue down sheet vinyl might be the only option due to the drain slope. Any thoughts on sheet vinyl or glue down tile..am I an idiot for thinking it may work? Any other product that might be a good fit that I'm not aware of? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


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