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Nov 24, 2014
Hello all

I have a toilet that leaked and the vinyl sheet flooring turned black as in stained up from the bottom. I have had this happen in another house so not my first rodeo.

I will be having a plumber come into remove and inspect the toilet and also a flooring company come in to patch the sheet vinyl.

The sheet vinyl is on top of a concrete slab and this is where my question arises. Will anything need to be done to the concrete around the toilet to prevent it from "leaching" and staining the vinyl?

Hope I described my concern properly.



Jul 5, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
Ernesto is correct. The toilet was leaking and the moisture was getting under the material on top of the slab where it's basically trapped at that point. Then, over time it's gets the fungus/mold/filth/scum that turns black from the backing on up through the surface of the material.

After the toilet is removed and the vinyl+backing torn out and scraped up CLEAN give it a day or three to dry out.

Is there any rush on this?

Let it dry thoroughly before new vinyl is patched in or installed. Then make sure this stool is set by a professional who knows how to fasten down a shitter.

Don't be afraid to spray some BLEACH around the affected areas so long as you have adequate ventilation and RINSE the bleach thoroughly.

See why I won't get involved with residential flooring?