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Don Monfils

Jan 31, 2010
My 2 year old Paslode 18 gauge brad nailer has been acting up lately. When I got home I had a few pints of Pilsner and decided to get it out and clean and oil it. It was working good again, so I put it back in the trailer. I set it just inside the side door , not in the cabinet where it belongs.
Fast foreword to this morning... I leave and go across the bridge into the village where my helper meets me ( in a grocery storeparking lot ).
I was early, doing some paperwork and a truck pulls up and a guy starts walking up to my truck with a paslode case. I’m thinking “ do I know this guy?”, “ is he going to try to sell me a paslode gun?”

He said “ this just fell out of your side door”
I completely forgot about having the gun out. I apparently didn’t latch the door.
I am very grateful this young guy was so nice, and honest. He knew exactly what it was. I bet that would not happen in the city. Who ever found it would sell it for a crackball.

Several years ago I lost a Bostich M3 nailerthe same way. But , I never saw that one again.
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In Remembrance
Jan 31, 2010
, New Jersey
Around here Don, They would show you your gun then rob you .. :D People in upstate PA are like that to ..

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