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Milan Radan

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Sep 27, 2019
I have a small 100 sq ft mudroom that had 8 x 8 vinyl tiles down on concrete. Then roll-out foamy back linoleum over that. I recently acquire some hand-made terracotta type Mexican tile that was salvaged and so has a thin remnant of old cement on the back of the tile. I can peel up the roll linoleum easy enough although there could be little thin bits of foam back here and there but the vinyl tile would be a chore to remove. I guess my question is, would it be okay to place that tile on the old 8x8 vinyl tile, would it stick? And is the bit of cement on the back of the tile a problem for adherence, would this form a kind of “cold joint”? Thanks for any help.


Aug 8, 2012
Forest City, Iowa
you say vinyl tiles, but are they in fact vinyl (and are they the actual bottom layer), and are they well adhered (attempting to remove them super difficult in all places). Is the objection to removing them time or money. If you are DIY and simply want to remove them easier there are ways that can make it fairly simple to take up. If you are looking to pay someone to do it, depending on what they are can make a big difference if they are old VAT tile.

If you want simple, and everything is well stuck, remove the foam back modern vinyl layer, confirm its well stuck below, then bury in self leveler if height isn't a primary concern. or even just roll out some tar paper and go. Before people get on me about that, I did all the various areas of my showroom in floating tar paper underlayment sections to allow for grouted design and tile selections to be shown that could also be replaceable on a concrete slab.

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