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Mar 6, 2011
I've had the same next door neighbors (3 of them) for about 40 years. Next door is a lady, Lyn. We went to school since kindergarten. Her first husband, Kent was my age and he passed away about 25 years ago. As a kid, he was as goofy as anyone our age and he sort of reminded me of Gilligan for some reason.
She remarried a few years after and they asked me to be "photographer" at the wedding. :eek:
Small wedding and I think I done good. They were happy, so that's all that matters.
Her husband Rick got hurt in a log truck accident 20 years ago and has been on disability ever since. Pain meds and weekly therapy sessions have been going on ever since. Tonight, about 11:00, I saw blue lights flashing through my curtains. I peeked out the curtains and lights were flashing on the other side of the house too.
A neighbor who I barely know said he had taken Rick to the hospital 120 miles away today and it didn't go well. He was expecting something miraculous and it turned out to be a routine appointment. I guess the trip home was a nightmare.
Back to the flashing lights. State cop and sheriffs car were here and an ambulance backed in. Neighbor that took Rick to the doctor said he heard a gunshot and called 911. I'm amazed he heard it and I didn't. I'm 50 feet away from his back door. Ambulance took Rick away. He was still breathing. I guess we can just hope for the best............. whatever that is.
Maybe opiods took another on:rolleyes:e tonight.

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