Scuff marks on tall baseboards revisited

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Mar 6, 2011
OK, you have 150 yards of carpet to install.
Baseboards are 6" tall, and nicely painted with a semi-gloss paint. It's been dry for a week or four.
You may have some sort of price per square yard to do the carpet installation..................... but what will you add to the final price to protect the baseboards? We are talking well over 300 to 400 feet of protection................ or risking a back charge of who knows how much, by the homeowner, general, or painter who has been hired to fix the damage that you did installing the carpet.
Shorter base is not such a worry, but this tall base is a much larger concern.

If it was up to you on this job, to protect the baseboards to reduce the amount of scuffing and other damage to the baseboards............ how do you figure a charge for this? Affixing protection to the base is one issue, but working with this protection in place makes the entire installation go slower.

Maybe you cannot totally eliminate all of the damage, but reduce it to a minor level.
It seems more wise to me, to mask off all the baseboards at a cost of a few hundred bucks, than have the painter come back to repaint it all. .........again, I am aiming my question more at taller, more risky base.

Your thoughts? Add $400 and lose the job? Or discuss this with the home owner or contractor to let them know that you are concerned about the issues............... and 9 times out of 10, still lose the job?

..............or hope the builder has instructed the painting contractor to include in his bid do all the followup repairs once the home is complete?
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Feb 27, 2022
New York
Bingo with you last statement. Painter alway has to come back for final touch up. Should always be figured in.

Tile Tom

May 2, 2021
New york
Make an installation sheet to give to customer's that explains the process and covers your ass at the same time.

I give one to all my customers and make sure they understand everything. It just explains things like minor paint scuffing and seams etc.
We essentially are tasked with cramming a square peg into a round hole. Be upfront and honest. Communication is key.

Carpet installation almost always results in some kind of paint touch up.

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