Skim coat of Thinset for floating floor leveling

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Feb 27, 2022
New York
I live on Long Island, how long it takes to dry depends on the weather and the climate control in the space but usually an hour should do it.

I believe Gary, The original poster, is using Henry 549 which would be more than fine for his scenario. It would also be fine in your 1/2” deep trough. Planipatch will work too if mixed with additive. If you’re gluing down engineered wood you’ll have to wait longer for it to cure completely. SLC might be the better choice for wood, but again, I’d pour the whole room. And I wouldn’t tackle it alone.

Takes a tenth less time that troweling.
And then there's really no reason to SLC the entire slab. Or yer gonna lose that bid rather quick. I ain't talking a 10 x 12 bedroom either.

I’m sorry, I thought you mentioned SLC being faster. And also cost being an issue in order to win your bid…

I won’t be 67 for another year and a half but I’ve been around the block a couple of times. The last self leveling job I worked on was about 10,000 sq.ft.. I can’t count how many skids we’ve poured over the years.

All I’m trying to say is for what the original poster is doing, or even for your 1/2” deep trough, SLC might not be the best, fastest, most economical, or even easiest choice.
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