Stainmaster LVT big problems

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Feb 9, 2013
Gump said:
Grout was done. A few tiles not sticking in the corners but no curling. Besides the moisture and not letting the incorrect glue flash, he must of got them dirty. Replacing the tiles seems to work.

SO HOW ARE YOU DOING GUMP? I just thought of a idea, if all else fails with corners and you don't want other flooring.
Try lifting tile corner and stick some gorilla glue under the corners, clean all oozing glue immediately, OFF SURFACE AND GROUT GROVES, roll flat and stick something heavy until glue drys. At this point, try whatever glue you think would work. But DONT NOT BUY THE EXPANDING GORILLA GLUE IT WILL FOAM UP. BUY THE ONE LIKE SUPER GLUE. LOL JUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A RAG OR SOMETHING TO CLEAN ANY OOZING GLUE RIGHT AWAY. BECAUSE IT DRYS LIKE SUPER GLUE. Really FAST! Lol
And tell your wife or significant other not to soak or stem clean or scrub that floor. Just use a very damp mop or cloth. THAT'S FYI SO YOU DON'T HAVE A BIGGER MESS, AND ALL THE CORNER POP UP! Lol hope it goes good for ya

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