Stair and hallway installation

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Dec 31, 2013
I am installing my Kahrs engineered hardwood on the stairs. I am planning to glue it down using Bostiks Best, but wanted to know two things.

1. When gluing the stair treat and bullnose, what is the proper way to attach it? Should I blind nail the tread, then put a bead of glue under the stairnose and put that on? Do I nail the stairnose, and if so, how? I am keeping my old risers and painting, so I won't be able to conceal any nails.

2. The stairs lead up to a small hallway that connects bedrooms that are carpeted. The hallway is about ~3ft x 10ft. Should I glue the hardwood up there as well, or just nail it down? If just nailing down, how do I connect to the glued stairnose on the top step? If gluing, any special considerations?

Thanks a lot for the help!

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