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Jun 28, 2011
Northcote, Auckland
Hi Jon, sorry about the situation your in. I trust in you to get what needs to be done, despite the road blocks from customer service reps. Some situations are best handled with a phone call as the written word can get lost in translation......Maybe the wife goes to the bank, ( with a 10 dollar bill 💵 😜 ) fills out the forms, brings her identification and then calls you on ‘Face Time’ for verbal approval, ( in front of the manager ) to set up the joint account. Then maybe the bank could send a ‘Notory Public’ to your house to complete the signature part ? Best of luck getting the ducks 🦆 in a row Mate ! And I hope 🤞 you have years and years to do it.

Kinda worked out that the Bank wants to see both of us together to protect my interests so we will do that to keep it simple and go with the flow. I hope by doing this it will be making my original questions go away :)
So at the moment we are awaiting for a Disabled Parking Certificate to arrive which enables the use of those wider/closer car parks Once we have that we will be heading to the bank
I liked the old days when one bowled into a bank asked the teller a question. I will check for you giving an answer in a minute or two None of this standard reply YOU HAVE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT Here its hard to find a bank that is still open
Please bring back the old days, able to talk to a human and not a computer :)

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