They say water "ages" floors! Anyone have this high gloss flooring?

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Mar 18, 2019
Hi all,
I have Bruce prefinished solid oak highest gloss hardwood flooring in my home and it's beautiful. I am completely opposed to ANY of the cleaners on the market be it that Bona (has wax) and Bruce cleaner. In my experience they ALL leave some sort of residual behind even with light applications via microfiber mop!
My procedure has been to use warm water in a spray bottle and spray a few drops on the pad and mop then quickly flip the head and buff dry. The floors literally sparkle!
I've read on many floor manufacturers websites that say water will "prematurely age the floor"
Why do they say this? With a gloss finish I don't see how that's possible if the floor has such a thick poly. If u have flooring like this what has been your experience?


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