What filler can I put OVER stained concrete floor?

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May 23, 2017
OK i know it sounds like a bad idea and people say "just clean off the stain first" or something.
But I have time invested in it and dont' want to do that.

the story:
my bedroom. mildly pitted concrete.
I sanded/polished and filled the pitting as best I could using some sort of home depot filler slurry. Then I stained the whole thing with waterbased stain.

Now i've been living with it for a while and it's STILL too pitted.
some parts feel kinda scratchy for bare feet. And being a bedroom that's not good enough.

Also the floor needs more shine.

SO I want something to fill in the pitted spots. They are very mild pitting and just need to be leveled a little bit. I couldn't really guess the depth.. maybe 1mm?? but don't take my word on that.

Can I just stick any old filler on top of the pitting or will the stain prevent it from sticking?

I was thinking an epoxy filler would work, because people use epoxy sealants on top of stained floor all the time?


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