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Aug 28, 2023
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The initial subcontractor delivered the flooring but did not install it. I caught them lying about not having ordered enough of the LVP. They told me the rest would not arrive in time to complete the installation and then showed me a sample of some very unattractive substitute flooring. I told them there was no way I wanted what was on the job spec sheet, and they then asked where I got the samples I had. I then asked if you didn't buy enough of it, why would you need to ask me where to get more? Things went downhill from there, involving their painter painting around my can light's trim rings when doing the ceiling versus pulling them down and rolling the entire roof as specified. They ended up quitting.

The general contractor hired another subcontractor, and they did the stair-step installation. The general contractor had them pull it up, redo it with a staggered layout, and instructed them not to put identically patterned planks next to each other. That was impossible (see attached image due to many planks with a nearly similar/identical pattern). So, I told them to hold off on reinstalling throughout the rest of the condo.

That evening, I got the idea that the planking installed was either wrong or counterfeit. I rushed over to the job site and realized that the model name of the LVP was not written anywhere and not having had a chance to examine the flooring before it went down due to it arriving simultaneously with the initial contractor quitting. The time I had planned to spend checking out the flooring was instead used up meeting the new subcontractor, which had been around a week before at that point.

Although I suspected the model name of the LVP was counterfeit at that point. Still, I wanted to keep the entire project moving forward, so I bit the bullet and ordered 1,300 SF of Bruce Hydropel using my credit in the Gunstock smooth finish. I figured I would settle upon the suspected counterfeit LVP later.

Only a day or so later did the sample authentic LVP arrive. When comparing them by holding them together side by side, I thought my imagination had taken over and that I screwed myself by not having purchased an entire box as a sample versus basing my decision on the four or so sample sections of planks I had assembled by ordering them from different vendors and from the manufacturer itself.

I held the two atop the other (see previous post) in the sunlight coming through the window, and that is when I saw why I wouldn't say I liked the LVP that had been installed.

So, I contacted the manufacturer, who provided me with what to look for (see previous post).

I contacted the general contractor, who asked how I knew the LVP installed was counterfeit; I sent him the images and the email from the manufacturer and told them I needed to have the receipt from when the LVP installed was purchased. That was last Friday, today is Sunday, and here we are at the present as I am writing this post.


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