I had my hardwood sanded and redone. The work was terrible with scratches, cupping, dents, holes and other problems.

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Oct 26, 2011
jamison, Pennsylvania
Before I have someone else come in and redo the process, I want to make sure that the same thing won't happen again. It may be the fault of the refinisher's work or maybe he did not prep the wood properly and I could end up with the same issue. Is there any company that can check humidity, and other factors before I engage someone else. It is a large area and I need sound professional advice as how to move forward.
Was it cupped before they refinished? If you’re over a damp basement or crawl space that can cause cupping. Or if it’s a new floor that wasn’t allowed to acclimate that can do it too. There are pin meters you can buy to check the moisture content of the wood. A good refinisher should be able to sand that out if it’s not too severe. The rest of the issues certainly sound like the fault of the refinisher. Express your concerns to the next company you hire and ask if they can guarantee their work.
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One refinisher would not tackle the problem because he felt there may be underlining issues. Part of the floor was new wood and part was just refinished. Only the new wood cupped so I believe that even know the wood was in my home for weeks, they may have done something about drying time between the polyurathane or something else. It is over a finished basement.
House is climate controlled between 60 and 80 degrees with a relative humidity between 30 and 50%? For 3 weeks?

Did they do a moisture check before installing the new floor that cupped? Most woods Should be somewhere between six and 9%. Can vary with different species.

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