Help! Gaps between quarter round/transitions and new floor

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Jul 2, 2019
Pictures below.

I recently had a new wood floor installed and I am concerned about some gaps between the quarter round and the floor and between two wood to tile transitions and the floor.

I have been reading that quarter round should be flexible enough to sit flush to the floor. I am not sure if there is any tolerance for a gap, but my research indicates there is not because you want to keep bugs and debris out. My installer says there is an 1/8" tolerance for these gaps, but I don't think that is correct. He also offered to caulk the bottom of the quarter round to fill the gaps, but I am reading that that is not recommended because it is a magnet for dust and dirt and hard to clean and also may affect expansion and contraction of the floor. Also, this is a glue down installation and the installer leveled the slab before the install.

Please tell me what you think. Should the quarter round be perfectly flush to the floor? is there any tolerance for gaps? Are these gaps within any tolerance? Should anything be done to correct them? Should they be caulked, should I ask the installer to redo the quarter round? Any other possible solutions?

What about the transitions? I already saw a small spider sneak under the one in the second to last and third to last pictures. And the one in the last picture is in the kitchen where a lot of debris ends up on the floor and I'm afraid it will be swept under this transition.
I could see it on a rigid baseboard but not on QR. Maybe at most a 32nd in gap.
Yes and transitions can be a little different if one side is higher than another. I glue and weight down, plus a couple finish nails if wood substrate to hold it in place while glue sets.

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