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Feb 8, 2017
Hello all
I received a quote for installation of laminate flooring and have some questions
- The flooring is installed in a room which does not have trim installed yet, the installer suggested installing 9/16 or 1/2 trim plus a quarter round. Since the trim is going to cover the gap, do I need to install quarter round?

- The installer suggested to mage the quarter round the same color as the floor, is that standard practice or should the quarter round be the same color as the trim

Laminate is 12mm with 2mm underlayment

trim= base molding
He might be advising both trims because it might look nice. You might just need the one trim. If the room is large maybe it needs more expansion than most. The instructions are found inside a carton or sometimes they are printed on the box. Look there to find out how large a gap is required.
Unless he is doing something to improve the décor of the moldings you already have there is no use of installing new baseboard and new 1/4-round. If all rooms already have baseboards I would recommend you install 1/4-round only that matches your baseboard. It will be less expensive than matching it with the laminate.

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