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In Remembrance
Jan 31, 2010
, New Jersey

Born on
27 May 1836 AD

Sun Sign

Born in
Roxbury, New York

Died on
02 December 1892 AD

Net worth
$71 billion

Jason “Jay” Gould, known as one of the ruthless “robber barons” of the nineteenth century American capitalism, was a famed railroad developer, financier and speculator. Starting his career as a surveyor in the state of New York, he did not take long to become the deadliest speculator and the largest railroad developer of his time. In between, he had owned and lost a tannery, dealt in lumber, used banks to finance his speculations and bribed legislatures and judges to legalize his illegal dealings. Born to a farmer in the state of New York, he knew from his childhood that he did not want to become a farmer. To make his dream come true, he left school without graduating and from the age of sixteen started working during daytime and studying at night. As a teenager he started his surveying business and a few years later he convinced an established businessman to take him as a partner in his new tannery business and then convinced a leather merchant to loan him money so that they could take it over. He first started buying stocks during the Panic of 1857 and slowly began to takeover railroad companies by shrewdly manipulating them and thus amassed a huge fortune.

In 1863, Gould married Helen Day Miller and remained together till her death in 1889. The couple had six children; George Jay I, Edwin I, Helen, Howard, Anna and Frank Jay Gould.

Among them, his eldest son George Jay Gould I became famous as the owner and manager of several railway companies. His eldest daughter Helen Miller Gould became a famous philanthropist.

Jay Gould died from tuberculosis on December 2, 1892 in New York. He was interred in the Woodlawn Cemetery, New York and was survived by his six children.

Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church, located within the Main Street Historic District in Roxbury bears his legacy till today.
According to rough estimates, at the time of his death, his net worth was $72 million which he left to his six children.


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