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Mar 6, 2011
Last place on the road leading out to the near by beaches is a place called Cape Arago. It's about 10 miles from here.
Someone took some carving tools down to the beach and went to work on a log butt that had washed on shore... I'd bet this large log stayed on the beach for a good 10 years, weathering the same kinda storms that washed it ashore.
This was taken in August of '96
Must have been a really cloudy day, this one took a lot of color correcting to make it look decent.
It was pretty cool tho, each time going out there to see how this old fella was holding up........... or even if he was still there.

FH000029 Carving on log color C_filtered 800.jpg

FH000029 Arago man  original at 600.jpg

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