Concrete fireplace hearth – what are my options?

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Jan 15, 2024
New York
I have done a lot of research about concrete and how it's possible to finish it. I did a quick water droplet test and the concrete does not seem to absorb the water, the drops pool on the surface for a long time, maybe 20 minutes.

Specific questions:
- Would staining the concrete be an option (to avoid paint, which I've been warned about many times)? If so, do I need to etch the surface before staining it?
- If etching is necessary, what's the safest / simplest way to do it, since it's not a garage floor I can just "hose off" after etching?
- Can I seal the surface afterwards somehow, with something that's obviously fairly heat resistant? It's a wood fireplace, and I keep the screens closed, but inevitably there will be a small ember or something that lands on it, and obviously can't have that ignite.

Thank you in advance for any help / tips!
You can totally DIY stained concrete. I’ve done exactly one floor myself. It’s a lot of work and TBH I thought the color of the floor looked like baby shit when I was done but the customer was happy and the check cleared the bank so whatever.

Get your YouTube PhD and bust a move. If you DIY it the cost isn’t bad at all. Just remember you’re dealing with acid.

Another option is to dye the concrete. Much much easier. I’ve done a couple of those and it goes something like mixing some pigment with a solvent (I used acetone) and spraying it on the floor then sealing it after you’re done. You can use a pump up sprayer if you want but those tend to drip and those drips stand out like a sore thumb unless of course you’re going for the drippy splatter look😳. HVLP sprayer is the way to go with that scenario.

You got this.

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