Engineered flooring over concrete slab with infloor heat

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Jul 2, 2012
I am building a new home with the main level as slab on grade. I plan on having some kind of engineered flooring put down and would like to have it glued in place. I don't like the hollow sound of a floating floor thus the glue down decision. Any advice? Problems to look out for or things that need to be done to prepare the surface? If I need to go with a floating floor what brands are quality? How thick should they be?
For starters definetly do some rh tests and have the slab's surface checked for sealers ie. drops of water to check adsorption. Might just want to lightly grind the surface if it is to smooth or other bond breakers, paint etc. I use wagner rapid rh test sensors. Maybe also some Cacl tests just for comfort. But your installer must be educated on the latest testing standards. Don't forget ph tests. Get back with us when thats finished and let us know the numbers.
Thanks for the information. Since I am still a few weeks away from having the slab poured I guess I have some time to wait and do research. Will be back when we are further along.
Hopefully somone placed a vapor barrier under the slab correctly. The Rapid Rh is quite the investment for a home owner to purchase. The nice thing about them is you can come back and check the rh of the slab anytime you want to see how it is drying out. There are topical trowel on vapor retarder/adhesives out there but they all want a test performed for warranty purposes.
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Can you even get a c/o without a floor?

Depends on where you live. Many areas don't require COs. Here in Missouri, I would suppose the major cities require them, but smaller towns and rural areas don't. Not even any codes inspections in the rural areas of local counties.
I could build a house from the ground up here and never have any inspection except for a test for septic tank.
Can you even get a c/o without a floor?

Not here. And this is how many GC's will try and con you into installing the flooring without the hvac running. They claim they cannot get power until the flooring is in to get a C/O.
Yup, they can get a temp power supply any day of the week. I called the power company.

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