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Feb 4, 2024
Wanting to install either blackbutt or spotted gum hardwood flooring throughout most of our home. We live in a steel frame pole house with particle board sub floor on top of steel joists. lounge has laminate that runs parallel to joists rest of house is carpet which is a problem in Brisbane as the carpet feel almost damp in the summer with the humidity.
Should i glue any hardwood flooring or is it best to have floating floor with particle subfloor?
Should I add underlay to prevent damp, welcome recommendations as Ive found these Damp proof underlay
Can I lay floorboards parallel to joists as laminate in lounge runs parallel?
Do you have to take skirtingboards off to fit floorboards, and recommendations on trim as I have very plain skirtings that have only recently been repainted?
Many thanks
I have no experience with dealing with crazy high humidity. I expect you would see a fair amount of movement in a wood floor because if it. Are you milling the floor yourself, T&G?
No manufacturer would recommend particle board as a surface to nail down solid wood flooring. Some people refer to OSB as particle board. Do you know if it's actually particle board?
Do you run a permanent dehumidification system? The fact that you said the carpet feels damp means that you really need to have the floor checked for moisture content before proceeding.

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