I'll give this a shot, for fun

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Aug 7, 2014
Gonna try, based on your posts and replies to things I've browsed here, to guess some of you guys ages. Let me know how I do!
1. Floorist-57
2. Daris-69
3. Highup-55
4. Rugaddict-62
5. Ernesto-64
6. Nick-60
7. Havasu-65
8. Darol-63
9. Jon-51
10. Ken-45
Oh forgot to add the for fun part.
If I get enough replies I'm gonna use the numbers I'm off by to select my pb numbers for tonight.
So I got a 1 and a 9. I can do a 1, 9, 10 or 19 so far.
Btw if you old farts are nice we'll do equal split
Oh you can guess my age too, that's easy I'm the young punk you wanna punch in the face and buy a beer at the same time!

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