Laying TrafficMaster Fiberglass backed Vinyl w/Releasable Adhesive for the1st time, some Questions

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Well seeing as how I've never installed sheet vinyl with pressure sensitive I guess I stand corrected... I'll take your guys word for it... Just seems like it would be an awful lot of trouble, not being able to push the bubbles out....

With permanent adhesive I used the board with carpet just to push any bubbles out, then I rolled it.
I like to let the material lay out in place as long as I can. Obviously with a one day job that’s just gonna be a lil bit of time. Once you have it laying reasonably flat you can roll it back and start spreading glue. You then drop it back into the adhesive, wet or not, and then either broom it flat or roll it flat depending on whether it’s wet set or not. It’s not the same as felt back with multi purpose but once you get the hang of it it’s a piece of cake.
Bring back felt backed...... 'cause it worked without needing instructions. Gitter done.
Ne en a long, long time, years probably since I did glass backed vinyl. I started wet setting them.
Wasted time to do otherwise.
I did let them flash of a bit, just didn't let em totally dry.