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Jun 15, 2018
I now have 5 floors done in glue down LVP and love them. I want to do my living room and my installer is insisting on interlocking floating LVP. I really think I should go with glue down. I am trying to weigh the pros and cons. Can anyone share their opinion on which to go with and why? What have your experiences been? I just think glue down would be more stable, is that correct? Thanks!
There is literally no benefit to a floating floor in my opinion. The one super minor one might be the pad.... but that causes more problems than it solves IMO and I biased because I hate the stuff.

Stuck with glue down.
The advantages of a floating floor are cost and time. No need for adhesive or underlayment and they’re faster to install because of that. If you already have multiple rooms with glue down then stick with glue down. Maybe you need to find a different installer if the current one is uncomfortable installing glue down.

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