New Concrete Floor over old concrete and Linoleum

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May 18, 2016
We just bought a 1952 house. The basement is finished and I want to have concrete floors down there. There are original concrete floors but some areas are painted, cracks patched and old 70s linoleum in some areas. I don't want to tear up the linoleum because I was told it probably has asbestos. Can I just pour self leveling concrete over everything? Does anyone have a recommendation for what kind to use? I need something that's self wearing right? How thick does it need to be? I don't want to put flooring on top of the concrete, I'd like to stain or maybe just put a seal on it. There are no moisture issues, so far it seems like a pretty dry basement.
Look at the Ardex products. Real lino like Marmoleum has never had asbestos in it.

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