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Robin Sirois

New Member
Jun 11, 2018
I just bough a chalet that has a joist floor floating above a very uneven concrete slab in the basement. I plan on removing the floor to go back to the concrete slab and pour an even concrete floor on the top of it to have it polished.

What would be the steps to do that? Should I use regular concrete first and then SLC? Should I add insulation panels in between the old slab and the new concrete floor? Is there anything I am missing?

The existing slab has up to 5'' in heigh difference. I'll try to get pictures once the wood floor is removed.

Thank you!
(I'm completely new to concrete floor, so I hope what I say make sense. If not I would be happy to add any precision needed)
This isn't my area of expertise, but most SLC's I know of are for filling and leveling, not for a walking surface or for polishing. They also become absolutely level, not simply flat...... think of level is as if you could flood the slab with water until the entire area had nothing protruding above the surface.
Maybe someone else will chime in with a product that can be poured and polished. It would certainly be an expensive undertaking.
Bonding the new to the old is another issue.
Good pick up E , the P 81.. And K 56 SLS is from Ardex .. We used it in the class .. They want you to use Football shoes though so as not to mat it down..
I went to a grocery store today, that once had VCT everywhere. They popped all the old tiles, which left the black underside traces everywhere. it appears they skim coated SLC throughout the aisles, then stained this a nice dark brown, then coated a nice coating of poly on top. Man, is that some beautiful stuff. Does anything I missed any steps, since I wasn't there for the entire process?

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